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Here are some bits of Tampasm totally cool music.They are all in .wav format,but i am thinking of adding mp3s,too.

This is from the videobootleg i took!
Well,sadly it seems I can't record a proper tape from it,because the bass lines are too heavy and produce a very distorted sound.
But,anyway,here is Tampasm's cover of Poison's "Talk dirty to me"...hope you enjoy the guitar intro,cause it's the only audible part of it! :( (140K)

These are from their latest EP "This is Carnage"

  • No,this Carnage song ain't talking 'bout war but...yeah,you guessed it...SEX! :) (140K)
  • This is a longer version of "This is carnage"! (668k!)
  • And this is the beautiful "Intravenous Emotionless"-Really good song. (577k)

    These are taken from their debut single "Darling self destruct"

  • So let's hear what self-destruction sounds like... (96K)
  • SEX!Now that I've attracted your attention...let's hear the effects of a "Glorified Vibrator"! (83K)